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Why is there a bubble in the sealing tape?

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        We usually see the packaging of the tape, usually we also called sealing tape, transparent tape transparent tape and so on. Many customers in the purchase of sealing glue when there will be these questions. Now Shenzhen Yongsheng Feng Tape Co., Ltd. Xiaobian for you to answer the following questions.
 Many in the market or supermarket to buy the sealing tape bubble less reason, the length of 100 yards or less because the placement of a long time so the bubble will automatically disappear, you can see from the outside transparent part Inside the paper tube. The longer the tape, the longer it will be, the longer it will become transparent.
 Of course, there is a tape produced by imported machinery, will be discharged from the production after the rewinding of the air, the tape is also produced by the full transparency, but the cost will increase a lot. But the domestic packaging are generally used in packaging tape do not have to ask, because the bubble in the tape will not affect the quality of the tape, such as tension and so on have nothing to do with the bubble, so the manufacturers do not have to worry about this issue can be used with confidence, Manufacturers have just produced the sealing glue is a bubble, placed for some time after the bubble will automatically disappear, the longer the placement, the higher the transparency of the tape.

DongGuan Lixing Adhesive Products Co. LTD.

DongGuan Lixing Adhesive Products Co. LTD.
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