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A full introduction to sealing

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Sealing glue is our daily life commonly used items, today Xiaobian to a comprehensive introduction about its performance, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of identification, use and consumer objects.
Sealing glue performance and features: has a good viscosity and toughness of tension, can be used for printing decoration and repair, but not like some high-end glue can be moisture-proof insulation.
Seal the quality of identification: identify the pros and cons depends on whether the viscosity is strong, the appearance of whether the formation of the appearance of whether there is bubbles, of course, affixed to the items on a small amount of transparent bubbles is normal, it may be in the stretch When the excessive effort caused by the attention can be avoided under the bubble generated.
Sealing use: the use is very wide, can be used to seal the carton, sealed bandage large objects, packaging gifts, cover the damaged items and so on.
Seal plastic consumption object: because the use of a wide range and the price of cheap, so the consumer object is also more widely used for personal or corporate companies, such as the amount of manufacturers is the largest commercial use.

DongGuan Lixing Adhesive Products Co. LTD.

DongGuan Lixing Adhesive Products Co. LTD.
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