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What are the contributions of the tape industry in the construction sector?

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What are the contributions of the tape industry in the construction sector?

In different areas of the specific use of construction glue is how, the following summary of the application of construction glue for your reference:


(1) construction glue can be used for road signs, dam leakage, military engineering emergency maintenance, and plugging and many other aspects. The application of construction glue is very extensive.


(2) indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration in the application. In recent years, in such applications in the development of fast, such as the external walls of brick paste, glass curtain wall installation, indoor ceiling bonding, wallpaper wall paste, floor decoration, floor tiles pavement, bathroom waterproof seal. In the decoration of the construction glue is widely used.


(3) the use of various buildings, including doors and windows, large wall, expansion joints, joints, special buildings. With the modernization of the construction industry, such construction with plastic will have greater development.


(4) building maintenance, renovation, reinforcement and reinforcement applications. This application is developing rapidly, especially in the transformation and reinforcement, the application of power insulation tape has been very wide, to solve many of the traditional process can not solve the problem, and to a higher level.


(5) various types of traffic facilities and water conservancy project reinforcement and maintenance. In recent years, due to the development of construction glue, especially the development of new technology (such as carbon fiber and its glue), the structure has been widely used in this area, such as road and bridge reinforcement repair, road tunnel reinforcement maintenance, highway pavement Laying maintenance, airport runway emergency reinforcement maintenance, railway bridge (reinforced concrete) reinforcement maintenance, water conservancy project in the dam plugging reinforcement maintenance, traffic in the special implementation of the reinforcement maintenance.

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