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Analysis on the Technical Situation of China ''s Tape Industry

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China's tape industry, the technical situation
     Before the 20th century, 90 years ago, China's pressure-sensitive adhesive to emulsion-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive-based, technology is basically the introduction of the past decade, the emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesive is not significant development.
     After the 1990s, solvent-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives began to enter the market for the production of double-sided tape, protective tape and labels. Its technology mainly comes from Taiwan, Japan and mainland China research institutions. Whether it is introduced or self-developed formula, most of them are cross-linked. Pressure-sensitive adhesive solvent-based rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive is mainly used for the production of PVC electrical tape, the formula to natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber-based elastomer, so far no much change.
     At present, some powerful manufacturers have set up their own research institutions, began to high solid content of pressure-sensitive adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and radiation curing pressure-sensitive adhesive to study, to meet environmental requirements, saving energy and reduce costs.

DongGuan Lixing Adhesive Products Co. LTD.

DongGuan Lixing Adhesive Products Co. LTD.
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